2019 "Flying Dragon Cup" International Macro Photography Competition Call for Papers

The 2019 "Flying Dragon Cup" International Macro Photography Competition started to be published today. The 2019 "Flying Dragon Cup" International Macro Photography Contest was organized by ASIA PACIFIC VISUAL ALLIANCE (APVA). Co-hosted by Jung Wing and the leading domestic dragon macro lens, this competition has been certified by the International Professional Photographers Association (IPPA). All awards and selected works will be counted in the International Professional Photographers Association points system. Jointly issued and stamped with the International Professional Photographers Association.

As an international photography event in the Pan-Pacific region, the 2019 "Flying Dragon Cup" International Macro Photography Contest has an important position. This contest is for the photographers from all over the world. The Congong CPA agent is responsible for the manuscripts of China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan). The organizers and agents have the right to cancel the entries that do not meet the rules of the competition.

Call for Papers: Any photographic work that meets the definition of macro photography can be submitted (macro photography refers to the optical ability of the camera through the lens, and the magnification of the shooting is usually between 1 and 50 times).

First, the draft group

Creative macro group

Abstract macro group

Popular macro group

Insect macro group

Plant macro group

Second, the call for papers

1. Each photographer must submit no more than five submissions per group.

2, only accept JPG format pictures, sRGB color space, the long side is set to 1920 pixels, each piece is not less than 2M, not more than 5M.

3. Allow moderate and reasonable post-production.

4. The contributor should ensure that he is the author of the submitted work and has independent, complete, clear and uncontested copyright on the whole and part of the work.

5. Contributors should also ensure that the works they deliver do not infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of third parties, including copyright, portrait rights, reputation rights, and privacy rights. The contributor shall bear all legal consequences and responsibilities arising from his manuscript and submission.

6. For those works and behaviors that are prejudicial to the public order and good practices (including but not limited to situations that may seriously mislead the public, have fraudulent nature, etc., in violation of relevant laws, social ethics, public order and good customs), once they are found, they will be disqualified immediately. The award certificate will be withdrawn and notified on the whole network.

7. Please submit a separate article (docx. file) for the photographer's name, profile, and contact information. Mark the submitted group and the name of the work. Contributions must not be signed, watermarked, bordered, and all content unrelated to photography. Authors must retain their own source files and have EXIF data.

 Third, the submission mailbox

China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) E-mail: cpanet@sina.com

The manuscript file should be sent in a compressed package. The mail name: A certain (photographer) 2019 "Flying Dragon Cup" international macro photography contest submission.

Fourth, honorary awards

The winner of the Alliance Chairman Award (the highest score in each category of the competition, if the score is tied by the final judge), the APVA Alliance Chairman Award Medal, certificate and the Dragon Macro lens worth 2888 yuan One.

Each group has the following awards:

1 APVA Gold Award

2 APVA Silver Awards

APVA Bronze Award 3

APVA Awards 5

Awards that do not meet the requirements will be vacant, and the winners will be awarded medals (honorary bands) and award certificates.

The certificate is issued by the Asia-Pacific Vision Alliance, China Film Jung, and Feilong lens. It is stamped with IPPA stamp. The certificate is marked with the score, ranking and IPPA score record of this contest. After 8 points, you can apply to join the International Professional Photographers Association. IPPA member.

V. Entry fee

Within two groups: 30 New Zealand dollars (about RMB 138)

An increase of 10 New Zealand dollars (about RMB 46) for each group of two or more groups

The Asia-Pacific Vision Alliance, the organizer of this competition, receives the submission fee. The agency also charges a fee of 120 yuan per agent for each photographer.

6. Call for papers

From August 30, 2019 to October 30, 2019 (CPA receipt deadline), the submission period is 60 days.


Date: August 30, 2019

China's Call for Papers: Liang Shugang (WeChat: tiger8700)

Zhonglu Rongge official website: www.cpanet.hk

Asia Pacific Vision Alliance official website: www.apva.net