2023 Asia Pacific Visual Alliance "Discover Beauty" new media short video contest call for submissions

2023 Asia Pacific Visual Alliance "Discover Beauty" new media short video contest call for submissions

As a visual presentation method, short video is more and more loved by people, and many short video shooting, editing and editing experts have emerged. In order to better give the vast number of global short video creators a platform to show their talents and communicate with each other, the 2023 global "Discover beauty" new media short video creation Competition is held.

Contest theme

"Find the good" means that all the good things, events and people in life can become the protagonists in the video.

Host organization


Official website: www.apva.net

This competition has been certified by the INTERNATIONAL PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS ASSOCIATION (IPPA), and all winning and selected works will be counted in the IPPA points system. The award certificate bears the seal of the International Association of Professional Photographers.

China Photographers Association acting in China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) solicitation affairs.

Official website: www.cpanet.hk

Huxiao Tang Cultural Development (Zhengzhou) Co., LTD.,

Official website: www.tigerliang.net

Object of solicitation

This competition is open to short video creators from all over the world.

Submission requirements

1, the following scope: urban landscape, tourist attractions, natural scenery, food and beverage, still life products, commercial advertising, wild animals (plants), people and nature, people and pets, good life, family harmony, cultural tourism industry, rural revitalization, labor harvest and other short videos about good life.

2, the size of the work is not limited, horizontal and vertical, the total duration is not less than 30 seconds, not more than 5 minutes.

3, the work must contain the necessary title and end, except for the title, no subtitles, the photographer's logo, watermark, border, etc., allowed soundtrack and dubbing.

4. The picture of the entries is clear, stable and coherent, and the sound is clear and without noise.

5, video format: MP4, MOV (1080P or above)

6. Each contributor is limited to 3 entries.

The organizer and the agent of the competition have the right to cancel the entry of the works that do not meet the competition rules.

Submission method

Participants will compress their works and a WORD file (including the photographer's name, contact information and introduction of the work) and upload it to Baidu webdisk, and send the link and extracted password to the designated person (Email: apvanet@outlook.com; You can also directly compress wechat to send, wechat ID: tiger8700).

Submission time

November 27, 2023 - March 30, 2024

Intellectual property

1. The contributor shall guarantee that he/she is the author of the submitted work, and has independent, complete, clear and undisputed copyright on the whole and part of the work (collective works are not accepted for the time being).

2. Contributors shall also ensure that the works they submit do not infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of third parties, including copyright, portrait rights, reputation rights, and privacy rights. Contributors shall bear all legal consequences and liabilities arising from their manuscripts and contributions.

3. The copyright of the works belongs to the contributors, and the organizers (including the contest certification body, the Greater China co-organizers, and the Chinese mainland organizing agencies) have the right to use the works by means of screening, Internet dissemination and other means during the copyright term, without any compensation. If there is any commercial use, the author's permission must be obtained and the remuneration shall be distributed according to the negotiated proportion.

Review method

The organizer will invite industry experts and scholars to form a judging committee. The evaluation is divided into initial evaluation and final evaluation. The competition evaluation committee will comprehensively score the entries from the aspects of video creativity, content, production, special effects, editing, editing, soundtrack, video integrity, etc., and rank the contestants according to their scores.


Greater China Preliminary Jury

Zhao Weimin, Yang Dajing, Su Wei, Fu Xin, Wang Wei

Honorary award

Top 10 video photographers in Asia Pacific: 10

Top 10 video photographers in China: 10

(Designed for Greater China)

Asia Pacific Vision Alliance President's Gold Award: 2 winners

Asia Pacific Vision Alliance President's Silver Award: 2 winners

Asia Pacific Vision Alliance President's Bronze Award: 2

APVA Gold Medal Award 10

APVA Silver Medal Award 20

APVA Bronze Medal Award 30

APVA Ribbon Award 100 winners

Best Video Creative Award 10

10 Best Video Content awards

10 winners for Best Video shooting

10 for Best Video Editing and Editing

Best Video Special Effects Award 10

★ Set up a special network popularity award 10

At the same time, contributors are required to post a specified topic on the designated platform (international: TikTok, domestic: Tikyin) : # Asia Pacific Visual Alliance # China Photographers Association # Huxiao Tang publish the submitted works, and upload the screenshots to the organizing committee on the submission deadline. Based on the comprehensive consideration of the number of views, likes and forwarding, 10 winners will be selected from the highest to the lowest and will be awarded a certificate.

According to the scoring rules, there may be vacancies in all the above categories.

The winning photographer will receive a medal (ribbon) and a certificate (signed by Lucien, President of the Asia Pacific Visual Alliance, stamped with the seal of certification of the International Professional Photographers Association).

Submission fee

The Asia Pacific Vision Alliance, the organiser of the competition, will charge entry fees of S $60 per participant. The agency will charge an additional service fee of RMB150 per contributor.

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, ASIA PACIFIC VISUAL ALLIANCE is a professional, academic and non-profit art organization voluntarily formed by photographers, commercial photography service agencies, painters, sculptors, designers and other visual artists in the Asia Pacific region. Since its establishment, the Alliance has held various forms of artistic visual exchange activities around the world every year, providing a platform for the vast number of visual artists to show their talents.